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Dental Services

Offering Dental Services for Every Person & Every Need

Bulimba Denture Clinic provides comprehensive denture services, meaning our clients needn't visit several different dental specialists to satisfy their needs when it comes to dental implants, full and partial dentures, the repair or reline of dentures, mouthguards and more. Whether you've had one dental implant, multiple teeth implants, dentures, or only teeth cleanings in the past, you're in good hands with the Bulimba Denture Clinic team.

Dental Services for those with Teeth Implants or No Teeth at All

For those patients who are considering Denture Implants, good candidates are those who have enough bone in their jaw to support the dental implants, but may not have any teeth left in the jaw. People who have these implants may also be good candidates for denture implants, which we can customise for you in our Hi-Tech Dental Laboratory. Our denture implants services are often chosen by those who have recently or are about to have this type of dental implant, and who wish for their dentures to have improved stability and retention.

Sometimes, clients may not have the bone needed for a dental implant, meaning they are not suitable candidates for denture implants but will require different types of dentures. Although the implants do allow some to enjoy better chewing function and stability with their dentures, our team can offer you other types of dentures that will look and feel just as natural as real teeth.

A Custom Treatment Plan for the Best Possible Dental Experience

The key to our success while treating and working with clients whose teeth and dental needs vary significantly is our ability to customise our dental services to each individual. In fact, we work closely with each client, regardless of whether they've had dental implants, dentures, or little to no dental work done in the past, to ensure that the services we provide, whether for dentures or mouthguards, exceed our clients' expectations, every time.

No matter your need, contact us at 07 3899 5588 to learn more about our dental services and to arrange your no-obligation consultation. Together, we can determine the course of treatment that's right for you.