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Complete Dentures

Complete Denture

A Set of Full Dentures, Customised for You

For patients with no natural teeth, these removable dentures replace all natural dentition in the upper and/or lower arches of the mouth.  When it comes to making full dentures, we know that every client is different, and so our prosthesist will customise every tooth shape, tooth colour and function to your specific needs. This allows us to achieve the most natural looking full dentures, perfectly suited for each individual.

The Making of Your Full Dentures

All of our dentures are processed using an injection-processing technique for optimal retention and comfort.  We encourage our patients to be involved in the selection process from start to finish so we can attain a natural, aesthetically pleasing result. Even better, you can come to our lab to see where and how it is that your set of full dentures will be made.

A Denture Clinic You Can Count on

It's common for people to feel somewhat uneasy when they discover that they will need complete dentures. The good news is that when you've got a professional, experienced team working with you to achieve the best possible denture fit and look, you can rest assured that your dental prosthesis is in capable hands. Bulimba Denture Clinic is just that team.

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