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You know how they say “smile a little wider”? That is not the perfect advice if your teeth are not in their best condition. What it will result in is some awkward smiles from those you smile your widest at.

To spare you the trouble and embarrassment of going through that, Bulimba Denture Clinic brings you the very best in dental services right here in Australia so you never have to worry about how wide you smile. Our experts in dentistry ensure that they give you the best medical advice and the very best services for your teeth.

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In our pursuit of perfect teeth for you, we provide the following services:


We provide complete procedures for all teeth implants. This involves proper diagnosis of oral issues, attempts to cater to them before the issue gets too serious. Furthermore, in case of irreversible damage we undertake complete teeth implants to help you shine brighter and better and have better oral health.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is characterized by a condition of loud snoring while one is asleep because of difficulty in breathing. It is one of the most recurring all around the world. However, the problem can be solved with oral appliances that can be placed in your mouth while you sleep to control any snoring and breathing issues.

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How to choose the dental office? 3 tips written by a dentist

How to choose the dental office? 3 tips written by a dentist

In my professional activity I have always considered communication with the patient fundamental . Those who know the CSO studio in Rome know well how much we take care of this aspect and how much we invest; I always thought that the relationship with the patient should not be limited to his teeth, but that he should aim at the well-being of the whole person . This is testified by my professional history, the commitment that I dedicate to disclosure in the media in my role in ANDI as National Cultural Secretary, the initiative of the CSO studio called ” aperitifs with the expert ” where we speak and help to prevent. This blog also testifies to this.

Communication with my patients, however, is very different from communication with those who do not know me, do not know my job and have never been in the CSO study of Corso d’Italia 92. Maybe I should call this type of communication “promotion”, but the term makes me a little uncomfortable. My goal is to make known, in a transparent way , what we do and how we do it, and thus allow users to consciously choose the right dentist. Given that the commitment we pour into the work, given the results we achieve, I am convinced that this transparent story should lead someone among those who read to be more aware in his choice in choosing the dentist to rely on.

How do patients, in the age of the Internet, smartphones, coupons and “viral” content, choose their reference dentist?

The blog is also for this: I don’t pretend to have the right answers to all the questions. With the blog I would like to share my point of view and also my doubts, listen to opinions also different from mine.

Working on the contents of the website and of the service card of the CSO studio, in our work that are decisive for those who want to obtain excellent results, but they are also difficult to make people understand who is not. an expert before I get to the study. In short, for dentists who aim for quality, it is difficult to understand how the use of advanced tools and materials or a particular care in sterilization can make the difference.

However, there are some points, easily recognizable, from which I think you can start.

1) Obviously, every dentist must be registered in the Register of Dentists of the Order of Doctors . If anyone has doubts about their dentist, do not be afraid to ask to see the enrollment certificate: I would absolutely not be scandalized by such a request, I would rather consider it a legitimate need for a conscious patient.

2) All of us instinctively get an idea from the first glance on the hygiene of the rooms; to evaluate technologies and instruments precisely, you would probably need some specific skills, but asking questions you can understand many things. The disinfection and sterilization environments are really important: to get an opinion on a study ask to visit them . I gladly show them to patients, given the care we dedicate to these procedures.

3) Ask many questions, and judge the study both on the basis of the content of the answers and on the availability with which they are provided : whoever you are facing will never be embarrassed, and indeed will generally be gratified: value is recognized for his commitment.

Fear of the dentist: tips and strategies to overcome it

Fear of the dentist: tips and strategies to overcome it

The appointment with the dentist certainly does not represent a pleasant meeting for many of us, but in most cases, albeit with a feeling of discomfort or fear, we turn to him for treatment and advice. This does not happen, however, for those suffering from fear of the dentist , odontophobia , or a real phobia for the dentist, a disorder that has also been officially recognized by the WHO.

What is dental phobia and how it manifests itself
Going into the detail of the disorder, we can place the dentist’s phobia within that category of phobic disorders called monophobias , that is, experiencing intense fear, up to real panic attacks, towards an event , a specific situation, a specific object. In the case of the dental phobia , the object of fear is represented by the dentist and everything that calls the professional’s office (the drill, the needle, the noise of the tools, etc …).

The person, although aware of the irrationality of fear , cannot help but try it, to the point of experiencing symptoms such as tachycardia , sweating , a sense of suffocation , tremor , a feeling of passing out , up to real attacks panic .

What attempted solutions does dental phobia sufferers put in place?
To cope with the deep feeling of fear, the dental phobicist puts in place a whole series of strategies. We can identify two categories of strategies implemented by the dental phobic, outside the dental office and, when, however, due to the serious state of compromise of his dental health, he is forced to go to the dentist.

Strategies out of the studio
Constantly postpone the appointment with the dentist
Taking drugs, antibiotics in an attempt to “self-medicate”
Avoid situations, arguments that refer to the situation that causes him anxiety.

Are these strategies useful?
With the avoidance, only apparently the person, manages to keep the anxiety experienced at bay, while, in reality, he does not realize that the more he avoids, the more the phobia gets bigger . L ‘ avoidance , in fact, helps to reinforce the idea that the person is totally impossible to overcome and deal with the problem. So, faced with the need to ask the dentist for help in order to be treated, the subject ends up choosing the path of self-treatment, sometimes causing serious consequences for their health and being forced to contact the dentist in seriously compromised situations that require “heavy” interventions. Paradoxically, avoidance pushes them towards their worst nightmare: long interventions, dental extractions, numerous sessions at the dental office.


Bulimba Denture Clinic also specializes in cosmetic care of teeth. This could involve using braces to straighten teeth and teeth whitening and cleaning.

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