A ton of options is what you get when you do a quick online search for a tattoo shop, Gold Coast. Feeling frustrated and making a quick decision is not the right way of picking the tattoo shop for your needs and wants.

Taking your time and doing good research brings in great rewards in terms of quality work and a great experience. The best ways to get the best tattoo shop to suit your preferences include:

Giving off a professional, yet, relaxed vibe

Your first step would be to send an email or call potential tattoo shops. Were they interested to get your business? Did they sound professional and helpful? While calling or emailing the shop is convenient, taking time to visit the shop is best. What was the vibe you got when you entered the shop? Did it make you feel relaxed or made you want to leave right away? Your gut feeling about a tattoo shop tells you about the way they handle their business. A great shop will always take time to know their clients, make them feel relaxed, listen to their ideas, and answer questions.

The vibe of the actual shop

Places either give off a good or bad vibe. The same applies to tattoo shops. Did the pictures and posters on the wall of the shop look cluttered and disorganised? The random flash art usually splashed around the walls gives off the vibe of a small street shop. However, if the tattoo experience you have in mind requires brilliant colours, intricate designs, and depth of style, a high-quality tattoo shop provides the best solution.

High-quality tattoo shops give off a great vibe not only on their wall art but reflected on their work. A shop showing an exceptional art gallery of tattoo drawings and paintings and a comfortable vibe is the perfect space to get inked.

Sterile and clean

Sterility and cleanliness are absolute for top-level shops. High-level tattoo shops treat their tools and environments like surgeons or dentists. Everything comes individually sterilised and packaged, from disposable and medical-grade tubes and needles. Fresh and disposable ink caps are used in every procedure.

The sight of disposable gloves is seen everywhere, from the people prepping the workstation to the artists. The process of shaving, disinfecting, application of ointment, tattooing, and cleaning up are followed to the letter. Medical-grade opticide spray is used to spray and wipe the workstation after every procedure with disposable items promptly disposed of in proper bins.


Accomplishments and accolades are often given to top-level tattoo shops. This is to recognise their professionalism and commitment to the tattooing industry. Some shops get written in magazines or rewarded while others get great reviews from satisfied clients. A tattoo shop replete with accolades put across the message of being one of the best there is.

Bonding with the artist

The tattooing experience should always be a memorable one, regardless of whether it is the first or the twentieth time. Bonding with the artist is crucial when you want your tattoo to look amazing. Getting to know him/her a little better allows you to see if he/she is a good fit for you.

Deciding on a tattoo shop becomes an easier task when you know how the great ones work. Contact us at Blackmarket Tattoo studio in Gold Coast to know more about us and our work.